Alternatives to Berlin trip

I added this post in order to come up with alternatives for Berlin trip in february.

So don’t be shy and post the country, city and events related to this place that we can attend.

The point is to have what to see, feed our brains and delight our eyes. A way to start finding something is to look for events, conferences, festivals, biennials…

So move fast till next tuesday!

1. Berlin


2. Dublin (I found this event: INTERACTION , 1 – 4 feb. It’s about interaction design mainly but also other fields, having great speakers from all over the world (check list on their website which is not completed yet). Workshops are also part of the show. We can buy tickets cheaper to the event till 31st of october). Would be really nice to go here. If the school can cover the transport and event tickets, I woudn’t even doubt about this choice.

Remember the video Petr showed us with the guy drawing? (Bill Verplank)

That presentation was last year at this event in Colorado, USA. (see here some reviews of the presentations, party, talks…).

This event takes place every year in another city. So it’s a great opportunity to go now because it’s close and fits the period.

I find it a better, noooo… waaay better, alternative to Berlin and a place a bit harder to visit. Lunch and parties included. What would you ask more? Also nice city… and good beer :) AWESOME! Vlad


3. Chaumont Festival

This is the website from the last festival. We could participate to the student contest, or the workshop directly in Chaumont, or maybe to “la fabrique”, it is for young professionals who have already some clients. The festival is arround the end of may.

More informations on the website.






In the end I’ll make a poll to vote for the best.


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