Foundland (Ghalia Elsrakbi, Lauren Alexander and Dirk Vis)  is a young multi-disciplinary art and design practice based in Amsterdam. With backgrounds in graphic design, art and writing Foundland’s approach focuses on research based, critical responses to current issues.

We are a non-profit organization, established in 2009. Since our inception, we have continually focused on critical analysis of topics related to political and place branding and the way recent trends in these fields affect citizens in the Netherlands. Our field of interest is not limited to the Netherlands and we are currently busy with projects exploring similar themes in South Africa and Syria.

We consider the public domain of conventional media such as advertising, printed matter, the internet as well as art spaces as locations for our research and visual output. We like to foster collaboration with institutions and individuals according to current projects.


A 23 year-old graphic designer, when he realised how is the graphic design world he was about to enter, he felt the urge to initiate this project. His aim is to start a dialogue and create a manifesto about the ethics in graphic design, an issue which most schools miss to touch. Visit his site and watch the information video here.

A similar exploration we had last year in collaboration with Pratt Institute, under the workshop “valorised designer”. We started some discussions with the students there, trying to define which are the values in graphic design and at the end we had to design a poster based on a value. Due to cultural differences the dialogue was really interesting. You can find more info here

I just found the british railways logo from the 60’s and reminded me something… I am looking for the designer of the NS logo but I can’t find him. And I am curious for the stories behind these two logos. They are communicating the same for different national companies of railways. It is funny to see the results when you ask two designers to come up with designs for the same brief, but is more funny to see designers come up with quite the same design for different briefs.

I am not implying anything about copying, but I would like to explore these two stories and answer questions about the limits of graphic design. How different two logos from two different companies about the same product may be?

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