master of graphic design

Location: Breda, Netherlands

The Master course graphic design at AKV|St.Joost focuses on teaching design methods, independent of medium or trends.

The underlying idea is that graduates should be able to function on a strategic level where they can act as equal discussion partners of clients and thus take responsibility for a design from its strategy and concept development up to its execution. This Master course trains students in applying various design methods that correspond to different design contexts, after which they gradually focus on the context and design method of their choice.

The course is designed around the individual study needs of the students. The first semester – the orientation phase – includes an introduction to design methods and design contexts. Students make their own study plan, which is carried out in the following year, next to attending various design workshops relating to their own research orientation. In the last semester they work on publicising their graduation paper and the results of their individual research.

Communication is the central issue. The assumption is that as a graphic designer you address questions and demands about communication, and design solutions to these questions in a process of continuous interaction with the client, the surroundings and interested parties. ‘Visual essays’, in which students document their research, findings, considerations and design choices in both written and visual form are used to clarify the design process.


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