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The group / the solo :

You have the basic system (musical theme here) installed by the group and then each one is exploring the possibilities into this theme. We can join here the idea of property / sharing. “I’m taking the theme with me and I share my own vision of it”. Here we don’t really have a clear border between private and public, it’s more a mix and a game of “questions/answers”.

Interpretation process :

In the 20th century was the time of interpretation in music. One have composed a song and then a lot of musicians are taking it and make it different. The theme was in the public domain but not the song in itself. Today, we would call this interpretation “sampling” which is, technically, an interpretation more close to the original by the fact that it is “an extract from…”. Can we then say that every creation is now in the public domain ?

Video : Wes Montgomery, Nica’s dream, 1965