train logos

I just found the british railways logo from the 60’s and reminded me something… I am looking for the designer of the NS logo but I can’t find him. And I am curious for the stories behind these two logos. They are communicating the same for different national companies of railways. It is funny to see the results when you ask two designers to come up with designs for the same brief, but is more funny to see designers come up with quite the same design for different briefs.

I am not implying anything about copying, but I would like to explore these two stories and answer questions about the limits of graphic design. How different two logos from two different companies about the same product may be?

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  1. Vlad B said:

    even if they are close as idea it’s not something new. When you have a company that fits into one segment it will always have some other companies with similar logos. It’s nothing new under the sun :)
    But the NS is better I think, it’s not fragmented as the other one.

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